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Tongkat Ali Powder
Tongkat AliTongkat ali, also known as pasak bumi or longjack, is a root traditionally used in Southeast Asia to increase libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction. Tongkat ali is thought to work by naturally increasing free testosterone levels. Other reported effects include decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased energy, enhanced immune system and mental clarity. Both men and women can experience the remarkable benefits of this amazing herb.

For centuries, people of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have used the Tongkat ali (longjack) root as a powerful aphrodisiac and the powder of this root is still widely used in these countries today.

This is a sought after supplement for athletes and bodybuilders due to its ability to increase testosterone in the blood by releasing metabolically inactive testosterone from binding proteins. Unbound or free testosterone typically makes up only about 2% of the testosterone in the bloodstream, so even minor changes in free testosterone levels can have a profound impact. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in both men and women's bodies.

Benefits of tongkat ali powder for men include: increased libido and sexual performance, longer harder erections, increased muscle mass and muscle tone, reduced body fat and increased sperm count. Although women's testosterone levels may only be 10% of a man's, it's function is critical in maintaining overall health and hormonal balance.

Some of the possible health benefits of our Tongkat ali powder:

* Increase libido and sexual function
* Increase muscle mass
* Boost energy levels
* Promote healthy lipid levels
* Aid fat loss
* Improve mood
* Anti-aging qualities

Tongkat Ali - Herbal Multipurpose

Tongkat Ali
Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia jack is a small tree that grows in the forests of Malaysia and Southeast Asia. In Malaysia and Singapore known as Tongkat Ali, in Thailand called Piak or Tung Saw. Residents in these areas have been using all parts of this plant to treat various diseases. Active elements in Eurycoma longifolia include quassin, neo-quassin, glaukarubin, sedrin, and erycomanol. In general, these elements are derivatives of compounds with 20 carbon atoms.

Tongkat Ali has been known worldwide as an effective testosterone enhancer. The hormone testosterone is needed for growth and development of male reproductive organs. Adequate levels of testosterone helps maintain a higher energy level, mood, happy, increase fertility and sexual arousal.
In the past, Tongkat Ali has been used as an enhancer of sexual arousal and to treat various sexual dysfunctions in traditional medicine. Now scientists have found efficacy in treating sexual dysfunction. There is so much research done to show that Tongkat Ali increases sexual performance and virility in mammals.
Residents of Southeast Asia also use this herb because of his usefulness as an anti-malarial drugs, anti-piretik, anti-ulcer, and an aphrodisiac. Extracts of Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase muscle mass in humans. Therefore, Tongkat Ali became an important component of many supplements magnifying muscle. Now many athletes and body builders have begun using Tongkat Ali supplement to increase their muscle size and strength, as well as to improve their performance in various sporting events.

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